Kurtas: The Art of Culture & Comfort

Introducing a classic style with many stories to tell 

Even though the kurta goes back to the Harappan civilization, it commemorates comfort, and versatility and captures the zeitgeist in a way that no other stitched garment does to date. The word ‘kurta’ has its origins in Urdu, and Sanskrit but in Persian, it means a shirt without a collar. It was the Persians who introduced stitching and ended the era of wrapped garments worn since the beginning of civilization.

They created ‘varbana’ that were tunics with slits on both sides; a characteristic of the kurta itself. The Kushan empire, founded by Yuezhi, a nomadic people from Central Asia, came to India in the 2nd century and brought with them these tunics that grew to be popular in the Gupta empire. 

Over time, kurtas have found a home in each state of India slowly transcending into something that’s truly our own. At Label Earthen, our kurtas prioritize clean lines and purity in design — but with a softness to it.

It’s Like A Notebook… 

That offers a new world of possibilities for the writer. A kurta contains infinity, like a night sky with the moon, the stars and the galaxies. Our latest lineup Fursat celebrates this infinite aesthetic for the festive season. It’s an ode to this feeling that comes in many flavours — just like the timeless kurta — in big-little moments of joy and sweet leisurely pauses. Ranging from colours like rani pink, and asmani blue to lush vermillion, these kurtas are perfect to see you through the festive season and beyond. The best part? When the page is blank — the canvas is open. 

A Beautiful Letter to Comfort 

Life is inevitably defined by our everyday toil. After all, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Sometimes, new preoccupations take the place of the old, hope excites more hope and ambition more ambition. But between life and our pursuits for productivity, family, friends and work — the kurta is your ally. This is a style that’ll see you through the season, even when the weather or your schedules get temperamental. The kurtas from Fursat are a case in point. They’re made from easy, breathable textiles, from the buttery mangalgiri woven with checks to breezy mulmul cotton with our signature floral hand embroidery and appliqué work.

An Ode to Rootedness 

Culture is what is left over after you have forgotten all you have definitely set out to learn. Whatever it may be, it is clear that it appeals to elements in us that are deep-rooted and more widely human than any trained aesthetic taste or any industriously acquired scholarship. It is a fortress for the self within the self, and a universal thing, a breaking down of the barriers. Kurtas do something similar; they cut through boundaries and channel our eternal inspiration — our Indian roots. At Label Earthen, we’ve designed kurtas that help you wear your Indian heritage with pride, and acknowledge and honour our ancestry. They celebrate our cultural, creative, and intellectual lineage from which we spring and embrace our individuality. It’s one of the most versatile cuts that links us to our collective pasts.

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