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Pragya LehngaPragya Lehnga

Pragya Lehnga

₹ 78,900 INR
Nisha Kali KurtaNisha Kali Kurta

Nisha Kali Kurta

₹ 33,900 INR
Nalini SareeNalini Saree

Nalini Saree

₹ 39,900 INR
Ruchi SareeRuchi Saree

Ruchi Saree

₹ 33,900 INR
Shweta LehngaShweta Lehnga

Shweta Lehnga

₹ 56,900 INR
Indu SareeIndu Saree

Indu Saree

₹ 40,900 INR
Rachna Sharara SetRachna Sharara Set

Rachna Sharara Set

₹ 39,900 INR
Pushp LehngaPushp Lehnga

Pushp Lehnga

₹ 49,900 INR


Kashi Katha

A story inspired by ancient crafts and carved with modern sensibilities.

Inspired by the old-world charm of Varanasi, Kashi Katha reinterprets heritage designs through a contemporary lens.

A world where hand-painted houses and leisurely afternoons by the Ganges  are as much revered as the bustling by-lanes and euphoric, soul-touching aartis at the ghat. A world that is believed to be ‘older than history’ by its inhabitants.



India has a long history of theatre. We Indians always loved the detailed textual, scripural and dramatic effects of theatre and it strongly resonates with our fashion sensibilities too. 

Theatre "the saree edit" is inspired by diverse moods of drama which is deep routed in Indian culture.



A joyous collection to suit many occassions. Our inspiration is everything Indian hart bazaar consists of. From earthen pitcher, bamboo baskets to vivid colours of fruits and vegetables.

A collection of myriad hues of Indian bazaar fabrics such as silk, cotton, organza embellished with delicate hand embroidery.

सोन चम्पा


Talk to yourself in such a way that if the sun was listening it would hand you the sky for the day



Tell me something nice, like flowers and sky



What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?



Some years are for growing; but this one, this one is for blooming